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Sep 20 17

4 Tips to ensure your children have happy experiences at the dentist near Carshalton Beeches

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Dentist Near Carshalton BeechesWhen it’s time to take your children to the dentist, it’s sometimes a hit or miss experience. Children can be fearful of having their teeth checked for many reasons, so it’s important to make sure that they have happy experiences.

1. Make it fun

Always be positive when talking about your dental appointments, as children often pick up fears from their parents. Encourage your children to brush well and say things like the dentist will be very pleased with your efforts. Never mention anything negative or express negative emotions about seeing the dentist, as your children will notice!

2. Tell them what to expect

Tell them what kind of experience it will be and get them to practice opening their mouths wide so that you can check it as well. You can even practice on dolls/teddy bears so that they get some experience of what it will be like.

3. Make sure you have a friendly dentist

It’s important to pick a dentist who is warm, friendly and likes children. If the dentist is not very friendly, the children will pick up on this quickly and they won’t enjoy the experience at all.

4. Ensure your children are well rested and in a good mood before appointments

Children who are tired and hungry will often not cooperate well with the dentist and may even refuse to let the dentist examine their mouths. Ensure they are in a good mood and make the whole experience a positive and fun trip for them.

5. Go to a dentist who doesn’t rush appointments

Dentists who rush appointments often don’t take the time to build a relationship with your children. They will notice this quickly and will feel uncomfortable being examined, as they haven’t gotten a positive connection with the dentist.

If you’re looking for a great dentist and dental practice, which are fantastic with children, please give us a call and we would be happy to help. All our dentists are friendly and we employ a preventative approach so that your children’s teeth have every opportunity to last a lifetime.



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Aug 11 17

Everything you need to know about problems with wisdom teeth

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Wisdom Tooth Ache Sutton

Why do wisdom teeth cause pain?

Wisdom teeth do not always come out all the way (fully erupt), when there is not enough space in the mouth for them. They partially erupt, which means the gum does not fully seal the tooth, sometimes causing a gum flap.


Due to the location, it is often difficult to clean around these teeth. Food gets trapped under the gum flap. When left, this sets off inflammation and infection, causing pain. The technical name of this condition is pericoronitis, and is relatively common.

Do wisdom teeth always cause pain?

No. They only cause pain if there is decay or pericoronitis.

What is the treatment for wisdom tooth pain?

Short term treatment involves your dentist cleaning around the gum flap and washing around it with a special solution. If there is severe infection, we generally prescribe antibiotics. We also recommend good daily cleaning around the tooth, and hot salty mouth washes.


If problems with wisdom teeth fare up often, we recommend having them extracted.

What are the complications of removing wisdom teeth?

It all depends on the angle of the tooth, and if roots are close to a nerve. If the tooth must come out at a dodgy angle, it can be more difficult to extract, requiring bone removal and stiches. There is also a nerve that runs near the roots of wisdom teeth. If this nerve is close to the roots (this can be assessed by taking a simple x-ray), there is a chance the nerve can be damaged. That can lead to temporary or permanent numbness of that side of the mouth. This is rare, but it is always good to check where the nerve is, before taking wisdom teeth out. We use a CT scanner to take a 3D image of the area, so we can precisely locate the nerve. There are only a handful of dentists in South London that have this technology.

Can you take out wisdom teeth at Sensational Smiles?

Yes! We have highly trained dentists, many of whom teach other dentists. One of our dentists works for the hospital, extracting difficult wisdom teeth. So, rest assured you are coming to the right place!



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Aug 11 17

Tooth whitening FAQs

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Bright White Teeth in Sutton

1. How light will my teeth get if I have them whitened?

This really depends on what you start with. Most people come to see our dental clinic with shade A3. You can expect to get to B1 – which means you get around eight shades lighter.

2. Will my teeth get really white? I don’t want them to look too white.

Tooth whitening is a gradual process which you mostly do with overnight treatments. Your teeth will get progressively brighter, the longer you do it. I normally tell patient to stop once they are happy with the colour. You won’t suddenly wake up in the morning looking like Simon Cowell! If this is the look you want, simply carry on bleaching your teeth for longer.

3. Will results last?

The results generally do last a long time, but tooth whitening is a continuous process. I recommended that you need to top it up every five months, for one to two nights of the year. The actual bleach is inexpensive, with average patient using no more than £35 to top up the whitening every year.

4. What is laser tooth whitening?

There are actually no lasers involved in this process and it is considered a bit of a gimmick. A bright blue light is shined onto the bleach (whist in your mouth). This heats the bleach up, increasing the speed of the reaction which makes your teeth whiten a little faster.

5. Will tooth whitening damage my teeth or enamel?

No – the entire tooth whitening process is incredibly safe and poses no risk of damage to your teeth at all.

6. Do tooth whitening toothpastes work?

Tooth whitening toothpastes generally don’t work very well. They can sometimes remove surface stains from your teeth, but will not improve the underlying colour.

7. What are the side effects?

Some patients experience sensitivity after whitening. It is typically mild, easily managed with ibuprofen, and diminishes within a few days after treatment stops.



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Aug 11 17

Eight steps to follow after tooth extraction

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Tooth Extraction Steps Sutton

1. Avoid fiddling with the area or rinsing on the day of the extraction.

The first day is an important day for healing to occur, as its when the blood clot stabilizes. If the blood clot is lost, the socket takes a lot longer to heal (dry socket), and you could be risk of infection.

2. After 24 hours, rinse gently with hot salty mouth washes, several times a day.

Rinsing with hot salty mouth washes helps to keep the area clean, and reduces the amount of bacteria. It is very important to follow this simple rule.

3. Expect some blood and oozing.

Bleeding and oozing is perfectly normal following a tooth extraction, and should be expected. If you experience bleeding, bite firmly to apply pressure to the site. This should stop the bleeding within 30 minutes. If it does not stop and the area is bleeding badly, please go to A&E or call your dentist.

4. Take painkillers if needed.

The best way to manage pain following a tooth extraction is to alternate between paracetemol and ibuprofen. Always check to make sure you can take these medications, and never take more than the maximum daily amount. Its best to take two paracetamol, wait two hours, and then take two ibuprofen.

5. If you have severe pain, book in to see your dentist.

If you are experiencing significant pain following a tooth extraction, call your dentist to book an appointment, as you may have developed an infection. This is called dry socket and is treated by washing the socket with a disinfectant and placing a dressing in it.

6. Take it easy and avoid exercise for a few days.

If you do any form of exercise or heavy lifting, your blood pressure can go up causing bleeding, so its normally best to avoid this for the next couple of days.

7. Avoid alcohol and smoking for 72 hours.

Alcohol thins the blood, causing bleeding. Smoking impairs healing and will increase chances of getting dry socket – an infection that can be very painful.

8. Eat soft foods and try to chew on the other side of the mouth.

Avoid anything hard and crunchy that’s likely to get stuck in the socket.



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Aug 11 17

Ten reasons English kids have a high decay rate and what we can do about it

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Tooth Decay Treatment SuttonOver the last year, there has been much talk about the high tooth decay rate in children. Major newspapers have reported that it has increased dramatically compared to a decade ago.


The number of children needing tooth extractions has risen steadily since 2011 to 2012, according to statistics collated by the Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC). In total, there were 128,558 cases of children having teeth extracted due to decay, during the course of the four-year study period. The 2014 to 2015 figure shows a 9.8 percent rise over the 30,761 recorded in 2011 to 2012.


With the rest of medicine improving annually, why are our kids’ teeth declining?

1.Sugar, sugar, sugar
Much blame for the increased decay rate has to do with high consumption of sugar. Children between four and ten years old are consuming double the recommended daily amount. Statistic for teenagers treble the amount of sugary they should have.


Solution – Education of parents and general public, sugar tax, ban on advertising aimed at children, packaging restrictions, and tax breaks for companies that produce healthy foods.

2.Lack of government initiative
NHS England and the Department of Health show a distinct lack of interest in trying to reduce the decay rate, ignoring many possible solutions. They need to focus on prevention to solve the problem.


Possible solutions include sugar tax; increased funding for NHS to focus on prevention; an education program targeted at schools, teachers, and parents; contract reform for NHS dentistry; water fluoridation; and many more.

3.Lack of fluoridation in water
The merits of water fluoridation are well-documented. Evidence shows it would have a massive impact on dental public health. This should be a priority in the fight against tooth decay.


Solution – Water fluoridation.

4.NHS dental contracts
Many patients do not know that the system of giving NHS contracts to dentists is a complete shamble that creates a culture of “gaming.” Individuals play the system in order to be paid a reasonable fee. The philosophy of getting the best out of the system is widespread. It indirectly causes a huge negative impact on our nation’s teeth.


It is a system where dentists are not paid for prevention, which means that preventive treatments are often brushed aside. They are paid the same amount for one filling as they are for eight fillings. This means that the operator often focuses on one tooth, rather than the whole mouth, as he or she would never make a profit if the whole mouth needed to be done. This is essentially supervised neglect where many people have undiagnosed dental problems, although they see the dentist regularly.


This same rule applies to dentures, extractions, root canal fillings, and crowns. In fact, if dentists decided to treat the mouth as a whole, they would indeed go bankrupt. It would not be financially viable to do this.


Solution – Contract reform to remunerate dentist aimed at prevention and quality work, with rewards linked to performance.

5.Lack of training for general dentists
Let’s face it – treating kids is hard and time-consuming. They are often nervous, have a short attention span, and require time to develop confidence. How can all this be achieved in a five-minute dental appointment that is often made by the receptionist? If fillings are needed for young children, this can be tricky and therefore may be overlooked by dentists.


Solution – Dedicated pediatric specialists need to be involved in primary care so that kids are often seen by them, instead of by general dentists.

6.Nervous parents
Nervous parents often pass fears onto their children, which stops them going having treatment. I have heard so many horror stories from patients about how atrocious their previous dentist was. This is partly due to the old culture of dentistry (the time of the school dentist), but there are still plenty of dentists who lack empathy. This needs to be addressed. Dentistry performed by the NHS, where dentists are not paid for spending time with patients, often results in a very quick work. There is little time to build relationships with patients to alleviate their anxiety. This has lead to increasing dental anxiety throughout the population.


Solution: Dedicated dentists who are trained to treat anxious people, available on the NHS.

7.Lack of value for oral health
Many people in England, compared to other European countries, do not value their dental health. Even when care is free, they avoid going to the dentist. This attitude is passed onto their children.


Solution- Public education on the importance of dental health.



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Oct 7 16

Adult Braces (Orthodontics) – Frequently Asked Questions

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young smiling woman hand touch her mouth

Can you still get braces when you’re older?

Yes, you can absolutely straighten your teeth even if you’re not a teenager. We see hundreds of patients a year, some even into their late 40s.


What are the issues with getting braces when I am older?

The same issues that can potentially occur when you have braces when you are young can occur at any age.  The main extra issues with getting braces when you are older are:


Oct 7 16

Are silver fillings bad for you?

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Beautiful Blue-Eyed Woman SmilingMany people have asked me whether silver fillings are poisonous and the answer is NO! Silver fillings have a small amount of mercury in them, which if consumed in large quantities can be toxic. There have been countless studies to determine if the small amount of mercury in the fillings can cause an issue with your health and they have all proven that it has no effect on your health. There is a small amount of mercury that is released from the fillings, as you eat, however, this small amount is negligible and has absolutely no consequences. In fact, if you eat more than 2 portions of seafood a week, you are consuming much more mercury than you would with a mouth full of silver fillings! Continue reading “Are silver fillings bad for you?” »

Oct 7 16

Emergency Dental Service in Sutton, Surrey

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Beautiful young woman teeth close up

At our dental practice – Sensational Smiles, we understand that when you get toothache, all you want to do is get out of pain, fast. That’s why we strive to see you within 24 hours so that you don’t have to suffer with pain. We are offering appointments to new patients, so don’t hesitate to call us.


There can be many reasons why you need to see us for an emergency visit. The common problems we see are:


  1. Tooth has chipped
    This is a common issue and it can even happen when you’re chewing something soft. It’s not what you’re eating at the time, it’s the repeated hammering the tooth takes over a period of time and then eventually cracks. Rest assured, there are many things we can do to save the tooth, including fillings and crowns. We will always try to save the tooth in the first instance but if this is not possible we can offer to remove it for you.  Continue reading “Emergency Dental Service in Sutton, Surrey” »
Oct 7 16

Top tips to prevent gum disease

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Portrait of a young beautiful lady Gum disease is caused by bacteria that accumulate around where the tooth meets the gum. Your body will see the bacteria as invading bugs and will start to fight a war to try and kill and neutralize them. This war involves many casualties including destroying your own gums. The amount of destruction can vary from individual to individual, and there is a strong genetic element, however, without bacteria you won’t get gum disease. Therefore, the best treatment revolves around making sure your teeth and gums are as clean as possible.


Continue reading “Top tips to prevent gum disease” »

Oct 7 16

How to avoid stained teeth?

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Beautiful woman with a perfect white smile and smooth skin
Many of our patients at our dental clinic in Carshalton Surrey ask us what they can do to whiten their teeth but not many people ask us how to prevent stained teeth in the first place. The answer to this is a little tricky as some people are prone to building up stain, however here are some helpful tips that our patients have found useful:



Continue reading “How to avoid stained teeth?” »

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