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Dental problem, Effects Of Poor Dental Hygiene

Effects of bad habits such as poor dental hygiene in Coulsdon can lead to plaque formation on your teeth

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Plaque is essentially a thin slimy layer of bacteria that sticks on your teeth and it causes decay and gum disease. The effects of poor dental hygiene in Coulsdon lead to the formation of plaque. It is generally invisible to see but you can sometimes feel it on your teeth, sometimes as a fuzzy feeling. 1. Poor oral hygiene To avoid plaque formation you need to clean your teeth thoroughly twice a day. If you miss certain areas or skim through them quickly, it’s an ideal area for plaque to build up.  We normally recommend brushing for 2-4minutes twice a … Continue reading

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Brush Twice Daily

Are your bad teeth the result of genetics? Tooth decay causes near Purley London

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Genetics plays a massive role in who we are and how we are built but what does that mean for me? Are we all doomed because our parents had bad teeth or is it because we don’t look after them well? I would like to discuss tooth decay causes near Purley. 1. Having bad genes can lead to gum disease In fact, genetics is involved with around 50% of people who suffer from gum disease. Gum disease is essentially caused by how bacteria from dental plaque interacts with your immune response and since your immune response is passed down from … Continue reading

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