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Meet the Nurses

Each member of the practice is here to look after you and make your experience as pleasant as possible. If there is anything we can do to make your visit more comfortable please let us know. Dental Services Sutton - Happy woman

Jan Nicholson

Dental Services Sutton - Jan Nicholson

About me

Hi my name is Jan Nicholson, short for Janice, it is only my family and those that have known me since a child who use my full name....unless I am in trouble! As there are 2 Jans here I am known as Jan Nic

Who I am

I have been working here for 15 years, and just love being part of this great team. My colleagues are like family to me.

What I do

As treatment coordinator I have a clear understanding of how a dental situation can cause a patient to feel self-conscious. Appointments with me are FREE where you can share your concerns; whether that is about gaps, wanting a more natural smile or the colour of your teeth. I can then ask the dentist questions you may forget, to help you decide how to achieve your desired smile.

  • I am a January baby, very near to Christmas, so often get joint presents. Some may say that is a disadvantage but I say it means I can have a BIG present.

  • Blue is my favourite colour, makes me think of summer skies and sea.

  • I love going to Tasmania to visit my family, where there is plenty of sea! Although a long flight!

  • I have fun Sunday mornings leading the 4-7 yr old group at my church, and I also give time to the Scripture union, assisting at the annual summertime holiday club in Morden Park.

  • I also chair the Wallington Branch of the Womens World Day of Prayer committee.

  • I enjoy pilates, making cards, knitting and embroidery when I get the time.

  • My husband and I enjoy walking and spending time with friends.

I look forward to helping you regain confidence in your smile.


About me

A master lab technician who can make high quality dentures

Who I am

My name is Terry and I’ve worked as a dental technician for over twenty years.

What I do

My role at Sensational Smiles is manufacturing high quality dentures to patients requirements under the supervision of the dentists. I enjoy all aspects of my work but nothing beats the job satisfaction of creating a beautiful smile.

A master lab technician who can make high quality dentures.

  • My birthday is November 21st.
  • I am keen on exercise including cycling and walking.
  • My favourite holiday destination is the Caribbean.
  • Favourite Colour is Sky Blue.
  • Favourite Food is Fish and Chips


Dental Services Sutton - Jan Nicholson

About me

Kind and caring nurse who will make sure you are properly looked after.

Who I am

My name is Janette but I’ve always been known as Jan, apart from when I’m in trouble! I have worked in the dental profession for 18 years and qualified as a Dental Nurse in 1998.

What I do

My role at Sensational Smiles is providing nursing care for all of our patients. I work closely with the dentists, am qualified in impression taking and assist in the day to day running of the clinic. I love my role as it never feels like a job due to the great team I work within and the interesting people I meet every day.

Kind and caring nurse who will make sure you are properly looked after.

  • My birthday is October 12th and I’m a true Libran needing calm and balance in my life.

  • I love to travel and am torn between The Caribbean and Malaysia as my favorite destination as both are amazing and capture different magic.

  • My favorite colour is yellow as it reminds me of the sun, sunflowers and bright happy things.

  • I love food generally and to choose a favorite food is difficult.

  • I love to cook and enjoy most food especially anything that involves chili and spice, though I have to say my favorite comfort food is probably mac’ n’ cheese.

  • My hobbies, aside from being with my lovely family, include walking my loopy spaniel, reading, travel, skiing and photography.


Dental Services Sutton - Corinne I am a kind, caring nurse who likes to build rapport with my patients so that they feel nice and relaxed during their visits.

Who I am

My name is Corinne Williams, I have enjoyed the last 5 years working at the practice, and as a dental nurse for 16 years, and look forward to many more great years!

What I do

I work in administration and nursing in the practice, but especially enjoy the interaction with patients in the surgery, assisting chair side, and dealing with the more complex surgical cases within my role as Implant Coordinator. I like to make sure patients feel at ease and confident in our care through every step of their, sometimes long treatment journeys.
  • I like to travel to other countries but similarly love to go for camping weekends.

  • In the winter months, I enjoy going for wintery walks and making yummy dinners and cozying up on the sofa to watch a good film, I do also enjoy a jigsaw puzzle.

  • Favourite food – Oh there are so many! One of my favorites is homemade Curry.

  • Favourite colour – Bright Purple or Blue.

  • Born in the month of March.

Dental Services Sutton - Happy patient
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"My experience at the clinic was one of complete trust in their professionalism. I always felt important to them and that they cared about me and my treatment. The staff there was always warm, funny and friendly and I now look forward to future check-up appointments instead of dreading them."
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