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Have you lost several teeth - or all of your teeth? We can help!

Implant dentistry

Patients in the Carshalton area who have lost one or more teeth can benefit from our extensive training and experience in the use of implant techniques.

Dental implants have been used for several years now. The purpose of a dental implant is to replace the root that has been lost along with a natural tooth. A single implant has multiple parts, one that sits in the jawbone to replace the root, another to connect the implant post to an artificial tooth, and the restoration itself. The popularity of this treatment stems from its promising success rate for longevity and function.

Because implants replace roots, not just teeth, they bring numerous benefits to the patient. When you choose implants, you gain optimal stabilization. This means you can eat what you want and feel confident when you smile and speak. One of the most significant benefits of implants is that these fixtures stimulate healthy regeneration of bone tissue, which sustains youthful facial structure.

Patients who have lost all of their teeth have three main choices for replacement. Planning care, we take several factors into consideration, including budget, general health and the quality of bone. If necessary, bone may be built up in order to sufficiently support implants.

Multiple implants

Advanced Services Sutton - An implant bridge A full-arch bridge can be stabilized with just a few implants. Six is typically the ideal number for the highest degree of security when chewing and speaking. The fixed bridge that is supported by implants is not removable. It remains in place at all times and is removed by your dentist for periodic cleanings and exams.

Implant-retained denture

Advanced Services Sutton - Implant retained denture The implant-retained denture is removable, just like a conventional denture. However, it is stabilized by 4 implants, which we place strategically for optimal security. This denture should be removed and cleaned daily. Although it is not fixed in place like the full-arch fixed bridge, the implant-retained denture will feel much more comfortable when you smile, speak and chew.


Advanced Services Sutton - Dentures Dentures used to be the highest standard of care available. Now, this treatment is considered the worst of the three options for tooth replacement. We understand that there are situations in which implants may not be the most viable treatment option, and we commit to the making of the best-fitting denture possible. We are proud to have both the training and the world-class facilities to accomplish the best for our patients.

We are happy to consult with you about your treatment options. Call Sensational Smiles today at 020 8629 1433.

Losing your teeth doesn't have to mean losing your confidence. Several options exist for patients of Sensational Smiles in Carshalton. Call 020 8629 1433.

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