BlogDental Hygiene Treatments From A Professional Hygienist Is Essential To Preventive Dentistry

5 Reasons to visit the hygienist regularly:

1. Prevent/Treat gum disease

Seeing the hygienist regularly, as part of a well thought out treatment plan, is the best way to treat gum disease. The hygienist will remove plaque that has been built up between visits, which will improve your gum disease.

2. Prevention of bad breath

Bacteria in your mouth that has been built up from poor brushing habits are the leading cause of bad breath. Most of the time, you cannot remove this build up of bacteria yourself and you need this professionally removed by a hygienist.

3. Remove those nasty stains

Your hygienist is excellent at removing stains picked up from smoking, mouthwashes and dietary habits such as tea or coffee drinking.

4. Follow a preventative regime

Your hygienist is great at showing you exactly what you need to be doing at home to prevent you from getting gum disease. He or she will go through in detail which parts of the mouth you are missing when cleaning, and give you tips on how to improve.

5. Improve the survival of teeth, crowns, and implants

By good tougher professional cleaning, you can expect to keep your teeth and implants longer, so it’s important that you schedule in routine hygiene visits.

Regularly scheduled visits with a professional hygienist is the foundation for lifelong good oral health and an attractive smile. A hygienist uses special dental instruments and extensive training and skills to clean your mouth and teeth. Removing built up tartar, plaque, and bacteria, which are difficult or impossible to remove by brushing and flossing, will help prevent gum disease, help maintain fresh breath, and keep your smile bright and attractive.

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