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When it is time to take your children to the dentist, it is sometimes a hit or miss experience. Children can be fearful of having their teeth checked for many reasons, so it’s important to make sure that they have happy experiences.

1. Make it fun

Always be positive when talking about your dental appointments, as children often pick-up fears from their parents. Encourage your children to brush well and say things like ‘the dentist will be very pleased with your efforts’ while they are doing so. Try not to mention anything negative or express negative emotions about seeing the dentist, as your children will notice!

2. Tell them what to expect

Tell them what kind of experience it will be and get them to practice opening their mouths wide so that you can check it as well. You can even practice on dolls/teddy bears so that they get some experience of what it will be like.

3. Make sure you have a friendly dentist

It is important to pick a dentist who is warm, friendly and likes children. If the dentist is not very friendly, the children will pick up on this quickly and they will not enjoy the experience at all.

4. Ensure your children are well rested and in a good mood before appointments

Children who are tired and hungry will often not co-operate well with the dentist and may even refuse to let the dentist examine their mouths. Ensure they are in a good mood and make the whole experience a positive and fun trip for them.

5. Go to a dentist who doesn’t rush appointments

Dentists who rush appointments often do not take the time to build a relationship with your children. They will notice this quickly and will feel uncomfortable being examined, as they have not gotten a positive connection with the dentist.

If you are looking for a great dentist and dental practice which are fantastic with children, please give us a call and we would be happy to help. All our dentists are friendly, and we employ a preventative approach so that your children’s teeth have every opportunity to last a lifetime.


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