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Purley area dentist offers oral surgery solutions for patients

Oral Surgery in Purley Area

Oral surgery is an aspect of dentistry that many Purley area patients may overlook. When patients think of visiting the dentist, they often focus on cleanings, examinations, and fillings. But there is much more to dentistry. Dr. Suril Amin and the team at Sensational Smiles provide a wide selection of treatment options for patients, including oral surgery.

Oral surgery solutions

There are many situations in which oral surgery is necessary. These situations include dental extractions and the placement of dental implants. Patients who may need oral surgery are encouraged to speak with the team of Sensational Smiles to determine if surgery would be helpful for their specific needs.

Dental implants

Dental implants are an effective, permanent way to replace missing teeth. These titanium posts are placed into the bone of the jaw during oral surgery and then restored using crowns, bridges, or dentures. Implants are a long-term solution to lost teeth and are both placed and restored at Sensational Smiles. These restorations are made of titanium which is biocompatible with the body.

Dental extractions

Permanent teeth may need to be extracted in certain situations. Dentists may need to remove wisdom teeth if they have become impacted or are causing the smile to be more susceptible to periodontal disease and tooth decay. Some teeth are removed to prepare for orthodontics. Extractions may include both simple or surgical extractions.

Request a visit today

Dr. Suril Amin of Sensational Smiles is here to assist patients in the art, science, and beauty of their smiles. If you live in the Purley area and need oral surgery for your smile, contact the team by calling 020 8629 1433 today. We are conveniently located at 42 and 46 Banstead Road in Carshalton. We always welcome new patients who want for quality dental care for their smiles.


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