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Can you still get braces when you’re older?

Yes, you can absolutely straighten your teeth even if you’re not a teenager. We see hundreds of patients a year, some even into their late 40s.

What are the issues with getting braces when I am older?

The same issues that can potentially occur when you have braces when you are young can occur at any age.  The main extra issues with getting braces when you are older are:

  • Unless you go for Invisalign or a lingual brace, people may be able to tell you are having your teeth straightened.
  • If you have lost many back teeth, this may make it more difficult to straighten your teeth and you may need additional procedures such as a TAD (Temporary Anchorage Device, which is a little like an implant).
  • If you have active gum disease or decay, we normally wouldn’t recommend getting braces.
  •   As a child, if your teeth fit certain criteria, you can be treated on the NHS which means free treatment. As an adult you’ll have to pay for a new smile.

How long will it take to straighten my teeth?

This all depends on how crooked your teeth are. The very fastest treatment can take as little as a few months; more complex cases can take 2-3 years. At our dental clinic in Sutton, our average time is around 6 months.

Will I have to get metal train-tracks?

No, there are many forms of braces nowadays. Invisalign is very popular here at our clinic, Sensational Smiles, which is a brace made out of clear plastic so it’s very discreet and almost completely invisible.

Other forms of braces can utilize clear ceramic brackets as opposed to metal brackets, which look a lot better. See the picture below for what they look like:

What should I do if I want to straighten my teeth?

Call our friendly team to book a free consultation and we can discuss all the treatment options with you in a relaxing environment. We’ll have time to answer any questions you may have. After we have checked your teeth, you will receive a full written treatment plan for you to read in your own time. Once you’re happy to start treatment we will take some impressions and begin working towards your beautiful new smile!


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