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faqs about veneers carshalton sutton

Dental Veneers | Frequently Asked Questions

Dental veneers are a popular option for improving your smile without time-consuming orthodontics or other treatments. This article is written for anyone who is thinking about getting dental veneers to improve the appearance of their smile. What are veneers? Veneers are thin pieces of porcelain that are bonded onto the front surfaces of your teeth…

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causes of staining on teeth and bleaching carshalton sutton

Teeth whitening

Everyone loves a pearly white smile, but everyday foods and beverages and other factors can cause discoloration in your teeth. This article explains what causes staining on your teeth and how bleaching works in the treatment of discoloured teeth. What is staining caused by? Tea, coffee, and red wine. Smoking. Chlorhexidine containing mouthwash (like Corsodyl).…

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replacing old crowns surrey

Replacing old dental crowns

There are many reasons for replacing old dental crowns. This article discusses some of the main reasons patients often choose to do so: Poor cosmetics. Shrinking gums. Chipped porcelain. Utilise the tooth to support a new bridge. By far the most frequent reason we replace crowns here at Sensational Smiles is due to poor cosmetics…

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