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Tooth enamel

How To Strengthen Your Tooth Enamel

Enamel is a thin transparent outer coating on teeth which helps protect the tooth. It protects against wear and tear, staining, plaque/tartar build up, decay and fractures. While it may only be a thin coating it is the hardest tissue on the body, however, this does not mean it is indestructible. In fact, the enamel…

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types of teeth stains

Types Of Teeth Stains

All individuals will at some stage in their life get stains on their teeth. You may, however, not understand the type of stain that you have and thus are unable to effectively deal with the problem. We have outlined the key types of stains below to help you decipher which may apply to you and…

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What is the dental crown procedure

What is the dental crown procedure?

Crowns are a widespread kind of restorative dentistry that involves placing a cap onto a tooth to protect it from decay or fracture. It is also used to hold a dental implant or bridge in place. Patients are often nervous upon hearing they need a crown but are much assured once they know what the…

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How to straighten teeth

How to straighten teeth

As dentists, we are passionate about helping patients achieve a great smile. Crooked teeth can cause people to hide their smile and in turn, lose their confidence. Teeth will move position when steady pressure is applied to them, and the main tools used to achieve this movement are dental braces. There are lots of different…

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types of braces for teeth

Types of braces for teeth

There are six main types of braces available today: Removeable braces like Invisalign Fixed braces Lingual braces Self-litigating braces Ceramic braces In this article, we take a look at each of these types in detail… Removable braces The first form of braces we will be looking at are removable braces, which are not fixed within…

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