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types of teeth and their functions

Types of teeth and their functions

Teeth play such an important role in our lives, but you would be surprised at how many patients are unaware that the mouth is made up of different types of teeth, with each one boasting a special function. Canines This tooth is located on each side of the incisors, and they are also referred to…

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Types Of False Teeth

Losing your teeth doesn’t have to affect your smile.  Luckily, there are prosthetics available that will have you chewing and smiling confidently in no time. This replacement for your teeth is known as dentures or false teeth. There are many types of dentures/false teeth available and which one you choose depends on several factors, including…

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The dangers of having dental work done abroad

The hashtag #Turkeyteeth has become a popular way to show off one’s smile in the UK, but it seems that some people are unaware of potential risks involved. Hundreds of British dentists have treated patients with serious complications after travelling abroad for cheap crowns- and now a BBC documentary wants you know how dangerous this…

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types of dental crown

Types of dental crown

Dental crowns are masters at restoring the look and function of a damaged tooth so you can smile confidently again. A crown is effectively a ‘tooth-shaped cap’ which is purposefully placed over an area in order to resemble any existing teeth within the mouth and look realistic. The crown is cemented into position to guarantee…

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