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Can You Eat After Whitening Your Teeth?

Yes, you are able to eat and drink following teeth whitening treatment. However, we do recommend following a strict diet for a few days after treatment, being careful to avoid certain foods and beverages that are likely to severely stain your teeth. Following a tooth whitening procedure, it is likely that there will be some…

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Can Invisalign Fix Crossbite?

Crossbite is a dental issue that arises when the upper teeth do not rest just slightly in front on the lower teeth. Instead, some of the upper teeth either sit inside or directly on top of the lower teeth when your mouth is closed. It is essential to correct crossbite as quickly as possible, as…

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Is poor teeth alignment hereditary?

As humans today are almost identical to our ancestors who possessed straight teeth, then it is fairly safe to assume that poor teeth alignment must be partly hereditary. Some individuals believe that this change occurred during the Industrial Revolution, when culture shifted from largely rural based to more manufacturing based. After the Industrial Revolution, individuals changed from a relatively natural…

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How to put rubber bands on Invisalign aligners

If you have chosen Invisalign treatment to correct overcrowded teeth, widely spaced teeth, or a cross/overbite then you will know that rubber bands work with the Invisalign aligners to aid the Invisalign process by creating additional pressure in places the dentist deems necessary. An Invisalign rubber band is similar to the rubber bands used in…

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What Is Green Dentistry?

In recent years, we’ve seen the globe vamp up its efforts in a last bid attempt to conserve precious resources, minimise the detrimental impact to our ecosystem and generally improve the health of the environment before damage becomes irreversible.  The health care profession has been no exception to this movement and the practice of green…

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