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Pain-free dentistry for Purley area patients

Pain Free Dentistry in Purley area

Dr. Suril Amin of Sensational Smiles is a Purley area dentist dedicated to providing smiles that are beautiful and healthy. However, he understands that many patients avoid the dentist because of anxiety about being in the dental chair. Some of these concerns stem from past negative experiences while others may be due to an inherent fear of someone in their personal space. Regardless of why patients have dental anxiety, the team of Sensational Smiles can provide comfortable, pain-free dentistry. This is done with the use of sedation dentistry.

Overview of sedation dentistry

Dentists can provide proper sedatives to allow patients to enjoy a pain-free, calming experience in the dental chair. There are many types of sedation available at dental practices, though our practice focuses primarily on IV (intravenous) sedation.

IV sedation is a liquid sedative that is administered directly into the bloodstream. Patients will feel relaxed and calm once it has been delivered into the body. IV sedation allows the dentist to do the necessary work. To reverse the IV sedation, the medication is no longer administered and patients slowly awaken.

IV sedation is used in many situations when a patient is nervous. Patients are monitored throughout their procedure to ensure they are reacting well to the sedation. Patients may choose to have several procedures done at once while under sedation. This reduces the time needed and also the overall cost of the visit and is highly recommended especially for extremely anxious patients.

Are you interested in IV sedation?

If you reside in the area of Purley and want to speak to a dental professional about the possibility of undergoing a procedure with safe and effective IV sedation, contact Dr. Suril Amin of Sensational Smiles today. Our team believes patients should have a positive experience in our practice every time they visit. Call today at 020 8629 1433 to make an appointment.


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