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Yes, you are able to eat and drink following teeth whitening treatment. However, we do recommend following a strict diet for a few days after treatment, being careful to avoid certain foods and beverages that are likely to severely stain your teeth.

Following a tooth whitening procedure, it is likely that there will be some sensitivity to teeth. Therefore, we recommend steering clear of cold food and beverages, such as ice-cream. By following a strict diet 48 hours after whitening, you can reduce potential staining to your teeth during this period. This diet will also help lessen the potential level of discomfort you may feel in your gums. This diet will address the three factors which contribute to darkening your teeth, which are chromogens, tannins, and acids. Foods which feature these factors will be avoided on the diet and ensure that potential staining of the enamel limited.

Foods and drinks to avoid after teeth whitening treatment

To help minimise the potential level of sensitivity and discomfort following teeth whitening treatment and to reduce potential staining to your teeth, we recommend avoiding the following in your diet for at least 48 hours after your procedure is complete:

  • Coffee: Avoid coffee as much as possible, but if you are not able to forego your daily caffeine boost, then add a significant amount of milk to the coffee to minimise potential staining. Also, ensure no more than two cups of coffee are consumed daily, as staining can be significantly increase with every cup you drink. In addition, black coffee is known to cause more staining.
  • Tea: Tea with milk is bad enough, but if black tea is your preferred tipple, it can be potentially more damaging to a tooth colour than coffee. As with coffee, if tea must be drunk then add a small amount of milk.
  • Wine: This especially applies to red wine as the acidity and dark colours of this drink can make it a high-risk drink to teeth. Additionally, while white wine may not significantly stain teeth, the acidity within it can weaken the enamel and increase your vulnerability to future staining.
  • Fizzy drinks: These drinks are highly acidic and usually full of artificial colouring. Avoid where possible.
  • Fruit juices: Although fruit juice is not usually full of artificial colouring, they are quite acidic, and should also be avoided.
  • Dark sauces and fruits: These include sauces such as soy sauce and vinegar, or fruits such as blueberries and blackberries. They all pose risks due to colour and acid content.
  • Curry: This has significant staining potential.
  • Sweets: Have you ever noticed your tongue turn a different colour after consuming sweeties? Well, imagine what it can do to your teeth!
  • Tobacco: Consuming tobacco-based products should be avoided as they can cause major staining.

What should I eat after teeth whitening treatment?

The following foods are low in chromogens, tannins, and acids (factors which all contribute to darkening of teeth) which means they are great foods to indulge in after teeth whitening treatment:

  • Chicken and turkey: These meats are healthy, light coloured, and acid-free, so they are ideal to eat following whitening.
  • Fish: This applies to white fish and other lightly coloured fish, rather than darker varieties.
  • Rice and pasta: An ideal accompaniment to fish/chicken, but any coloured sauces should be avoided.
  • Cheese: This specifically applies to white cheese and other lightly coloured cheese.
  • Onion: This concerns white onions, while red onions may not contain a high amount of colouring it does contain colouring.
  • Egg: The whites of the egg are particularly good to eat, as the yolk has colour.
  • Potatoes: It is best to peel the skin off, and just consume the insides.
  • Bread: Ideally white bread with the crust removed.
  • Bananas: These are light in colour and can be a safe snack with little risk
  • Yoghurt: Ideally plain or light-coloured yoghurt without any significant colouring.
  • Porridge: This should be consumed plainly with only milk, and no sugar used.

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