At Sensational Smiles, we understand that toothache is no ordinary pain. Each tooth contains lots of nerve endings, which are highly susceptible and sensitive to pain. This severe pain can affect your eating, sleeping, and general day-to-day life, it can be a short, sharp pain, or you may experience a constant dull ache. All you want to do is to get the problem fixed and the pain to go away. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to see us, which is why our friendly experienced reception team will ensure that you are seen as soon as possible. Our emergency appointments are available throughout normal working hours, and patients will be seen on the same day, and have the treatment required to get you out of pain.

Worried about cost? We will endeavour to get you out of your dental crisis for £90. If we find it’s more complex then we will discuss fees transparently so you can decide the best course of action.

If it’s something simple, it will cost less but if it’s anything complex then we will discuss fee’s before we start so you can decide the best course of action. If there is a simple solution to getting you out of pain such as a course of antibiotics this price will be reduced. If extraction is advised, this can be done on the same day, and we have highly trained and experienced oral surgeons working for us who will be able to do so. Our dedicated oral surgeons are Wasima Shafique and Johann Styger who are both very gentle, kind and caring.



A dental emergency is a dental issue that requires immediate attention, due to either pain or loss of function. This could be a loose crown, a missing tooth preventing you from eating properly, broken dental appliances such as dentures or fixed and removable retainers requiring a repair, which should be done as soon as possible to prevent movement of the teeth back to their original position following orthodontic treatment.


Denture repairs

If you have a broken denture, which includes fractures to the denture compromising the function, or you require a tooth added onto your denture, this can usually be done on the day of your appointment. This takes around an hour, and we have an onsite laboratory and laboratory technician who works closely with the dentist and patient following their instruction to ensure all are entirely happy with the outcome.

Debonded crown with compromised underlying tooth

After examining the mouth, the dentist may find that the tooth that is covered by the crown may have decay or be fractured, if this is the case, you may have to consider other options such as a bridge, denture or an implant to fill this gap as the longevity of the crown is reduced greatly once the underlying tooth is starts to deteriorate.

De-bonded crown (fallen out)

Crowns can sometimes de-bond from the tooth, if this happens, keep the crown safe and bring it with you to your appointment. The dentist will check the underlying tooth and ensure the crown fits well. If this is the case, we can re-cement the crown back on which is quick and easy! If examination shows that the crown no longer fits the prepared tooth well, a new crown may be advised, impressions for the new crown can be taken the day of appointment with the new crown ready to fit in 2 weeks. Often a temporary crown is made the same day so that you are not left with a gap whilst waiting for your new crown.


The most common dental complaint is pain, and if you are experiencing dental pain, we aim to see you on the day of calling to alleviate your symptoms. Common emergencies that we deal with are, dental infections which can be treated with antibiotics or by removing the nerve. You may require an extraction, which can often be done the day of booking your emergency appointment, should the dentist recommend doing so. We have two highly trained and experienced oral surgeons working for us, who carry out a lot of our extractions.

Pain caused by decay

Can be restored using a white filling material, known as a composite. This is usually a quick procedure dependant on the severity of the decay and the number of teeth requiring restoration.

Chipped teeth

If you have chipped your tooth, this can often be repaired the same day of appointment with a white filling. If the chip is very large this may require additional work such as a crown or sometimes tooth replacement. If crown/s or tooth replacement is required, preparations for this can usually be started on the day you come in.

Pain after extraction

After a tooth is extracted, the socket is left behind. For the site to heal, it needs to fill with blood and form a blood clot. If this blood clot is disturbed this extends the healing and recovery period. It is normal to experience some blood and pain after an extraction, however, if the socket is bleeding freely which cannot be stopped by biting on a gauze or is causing a lot of pain, then you should contact us.

Loose teeth

Ideally, loose teeth require an extraction. However, if you do not wish to have an extraction, we could splint the tooth to the teeth next to mobile tooth. For this to be an option, the adjoining teeth will need to be in good condition and not be mobile themself. Teeth generally become loose because of active gum disease. Because of this, periodontal treatment will also be required, to get the gums to a good state of health to prevent future tooth mobility occurring – this will stabilise the gum disease.


Firstly, call our friendly reception team on 0208 404 1456. We aim to see emergencies within 48 hours of calling, our reception team will ask you a series of questions to establish the area of pain and to inform the dentist so they can be better prepared to help you efficiently.

Diagnose the issue

For pain, the dentist will investigate the tooth in question as well as the surrounding teeth and tissue. X-rays will be taken to confirm infection or decay. Once this is confirmed, we will explain the options that are appropriate to get you out of pain. Any treatment required to get you out of pain will be done on the day of your emergency appointment but may require return visits to finish. For repairs to dentures or other dental appliances this can be done on the day of appointment. We will also aim to establish exactly why the denture or dental appliance broke in the first place so that we can take the necessary steps to avoid this happening again and prevent unnecessary return trips and issues.

Explain options

The dentist will explain all the possible options available for your circumstance. We will explain the pros and cons of each option, the expected longevity of each option, fees will be discussed too. Should your recommended treatment require more than one appointment, for example, where a patient opts for extraction, and an implant to fill the missing gap, we have treatment coordinators who will be more than happy to discuss all of this in thorough detail with you, after the emergency appointment. After discussing all the options and fees, we can go ahead with the agreed treatment to get you out of pain or start on the repair to return function.


We understand the urgency when something goes wrong with your teeth, and as such we promise to address your dental crisis in a quick and timely manner.

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