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New Patient Consultation including a dental examination + two x-rays This appointment is where you will meet your dentist and we will carry out a dental health check for your teeth along with two X-rays, and give you a written plan of your treatment, which would be beneficial to your dental health. £ 75
X-Rays These are small digital radiographs, which help us detect dental disease. These images are processed within 6 seconds and are digitally stored onto your dental records. £ 6
Hygiene We strongly believe in prevention and maintenance of oral heath. To ensure regular oral care we recommend a minimum of at least one hygiene session every 6 months. £ 62
White Fillings These are filling which mimic your own teeth. They look and feel natural with healthy natural tooth contours. These can be placed to fill cavities or can be used when upgrading old black filling for more natural looking, white fillings. £ 90
Silver Fillings Traditionally larger fillings were thought to be stronger in metal and in some cases this may still be the best option on back teeth. £ 65
Extractions Sometimes there is no other option than to remove heavily decayed or rotten teeth. Different teeth have different complexities depending on their surrounding tissue. £ 55
Root Canal Treatment This therapy can take one or more appointments depending on the intricacy of the root system. In each appointment you will be numbed up so the treatment should be entirely comfortable for you. £ 250
Dental Whitening Tooth whitening is our most popular treatment and the effects can be seen straight after your very first treatment session. We can combine home and surgery whitening to give you the best results. Tooth whitening can be specific to one tooth, which you may feel looks darker, or to all the teeth.
Please ensure you give us at least 2 weeks before the date you would like your teeth at their whitest, whether it be your wedding day or your birthday or anniversary!
£ 350
Veneers These are thinnest, most beautiful crafted porcelain, placed on the front surface of the teeth, which can change the shape, size and colour of your teeth. We always recommend tooth whitening all the teeth 4 weeks before having this treatment carried out. £ 645
Crowns Crowns can protect your tooth from further damage and require 2 appointments to be fabricated. You can choose from silver, gold or full white. Your dentist will be able to give you the best options for you. £ 575
Full Coverage Bridges These are a good solution for missing teeth if the space is small and the teeth next to the gap are stable, your dentist will be able to advise you further on which type of bridge is best for you. £ 575 per unit
Maryland Bridges This type of bridge is a great way to fill a single gap especially whilst during long term implant treatment. The advantage of this type of bridge is that no injections are required in the teeth preparation stage and no drilling is required to fit these types of bridges. £ 650
Dentures Dentures can either be made in plastic or thin metal and they have many uses. They can be a quick and effective way to replace missing teeth long term for patients who do not want can not have implant therapy, or for those who have started implant therapy and would like dentures as a short term solution. £ 850
Implants These are a great long term solution for missing teeth and act as closely to nature as possible. They are replacement fixtures for those who have a missing tooth (or teeth). Implants can be carried out with us in as little as 3 appointments over a 6 month period. £ 2300
PRGF Plasma Growth enriching factors are used to improve healing allowing us to place implants using surgery with minimal trauma so healing is faster and more effective. £ 250
*Excludes implant therapy, cosmetic treatment and dentures
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