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Membership Sutton - Happy people
Low risk Moderate risk Medium risk High risk
Number of Examinations 1 1 1 2
Hygiene Visits per year 1 2 3 4
X-Rays included if required
Treatment* 10% off 10% off 10% off 10% off
Oral cancer check
X-rays included if necessary
Guaranteed emergency appointment when calling an exclusive number
PRICE PER MONTH £ 7.25 £ 13.00 £ 17.50 £ 24.50

Enjoy the benefits and exclusive offers of joining our club(Ask any member of staff for information).

Why join our plan?

  • A thorough examination of your lifestyle to cater preventive oral health advice specifically for you, to help stop dental problems before they start.
  • Fewer fillings.
  • Help to keep your teeth longer.
  • Less likelihood of toothache.
  • Accessible care with predictable payment plans.
  • All private treatments are discounted by 10%. (Dentures and implant therapy excluded).
Membership Sutton - Happy patient
Sensational Smiles
Rating: 5
Maggie Parmiter
Can't stop smiling
"My experience at the clinic was one of complete trust in their professionalism. I always felt important to them and that they cared about me and my treatment. The staff there was always warm, funny and friendly and I now look forward to future check-up appointments instead of dreading them."
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