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Nervous Patients

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What Our Patients Say
Nervous Patients Sutton - Happy patient
"Very happy, staff very friendly and the dentist explained everything too me in detail."

~ Anonymous

Sensational smiles – dedicated to nervous patients

Nervous Patients Sutton - Happy woman Top 10 reasons to chose us if you are nervous about dental treatment:

  • The most gentle dentists around

  • Pain-free dentistry

  • We will never rush you

  • We will listen to you so we can understand how you feel and will avoid things that you don’t like

  • Nervous Patients Sutton - Pain-free Dentistry at Sensational Smiles
  • You’re in control – we will give you ultimate control so that if you want plenty of brakes during treatment or even wanted to stop treatment at any time we would make this possible.

  • You will never be forced to have any treatment - We will give you the necessary information so that you decide on what treatment you want.

  • We offer sedation for our very nervous patients so that they are relaxed and comfortable throughout treatment

Nervous dental patients love the care they receive at Sensational Smiles in Carshalton. Gentleness, understanding and sedation are available to help you.


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Nervous Patients Sutton - Happy patient
Sensational Smiles
Rating: 5
Maggie Parmiter
Can't stop smiling
"My experience at the clinic was one of complete trust in their professionalism. I always felt important to them and that they cared about me and my treatment. The staff there was always warm, funny and friendly and I now look forward to future check-up appointments instead of dreading them."
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