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Oral Surgery

Have you ever experienced tooth ache?

A toothache can cause of severe pain and affect your eating, sleeping and general well being. Sometimes it can be sharp, lasting a short time and sometimes can be a constant dull ache.

In the past when people would experience a toothache, dentists had no other solution but to remove the tooth. Nowadays, we can carry out root treatments on the affected tooth and are able to save the tooth by placing a crown for long-term strength and durability.

At Sensational Smiles, we pride ourselves on giving our members access to 24 hour emergency services.

Can the tooth be saved?

Sometimes it's possible to save the tooth by performing root canal treatment and crowning it. If this is possible, your dentist will give you the information to help you to decide which option Is better for you.

How long will it take to heal after I have had the tooth extracted?

It takes up to 3 months for the socket to heal fully after having a tooth extracted. However, the gum normally covers the socket within a few weeks after having the tooth extracted which means that you will not see any noticeable hole when you look at the site.

We are very privileged to offer PRGF here at Sensational Smiles as it has been proven to speed up healing massively. It can also be used to prevent dry sockets, which can commonly occur after having teeth out and can be very painful.

Can you take out wisdom teeth at your clinic?

Yes, we have highly trained oral surgeons working for us who have the skills to extract wisdom teeth. They are very gentle, kind and caring. Our dedicated oral surgeons are Wasima Shafique and Johann Styger.

What is the possible replacement for the missing tooth when the tooth is extracted?

  • Implant – The best option as it mimics nature and will last the longest
  • Bridge – A false tooth which is stuck onto a neighboring tooth
  • Denture – A removable appliance which is held in by a suction effect
  • Leave the gap empty

Oral surgery procedures may include tooth extraction, root canal therapy or the placement of dental implants. We make you comfortable at Sensational Smiles.


Are Your Gums Healthy?

Answer a few simple questions to find out the health condition of your gums. If you are concerned about gum disease or any other dental hygiene conditions
please call 020 3925 3846 and we will get back to you shortly.

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