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Root Canal Treatment

Have you ever experienced tooth ache?

Root Canal Treatment Sutton - Patient in teeth pain Toothache can be a cause of severe pain and can affect your eating, sleeping and general well being. Sometimes it can be sharp, lasting a short time and sometimes can be a constant dull ache.

In the past when people used to experience tooth ache, dentists had no other solution but to remove the tooth.

Nowadays, we can carry out root treatments on the affected tooth and are able to save the tooth and place a crown on the tooth long term to strength it.

At Sensational Smile’s we pride ourselves on giving our members access to 24 hour emergency services.

If you are experiencing dental pain, please call us and we will do our best to help you.

Why do I need a root filling?

Root Canal Treatment Sutton - Tooth chart A root filling is often required when the tooth dies off and cause pain and/or infection.

When the tooth is alive, the root canals function as the tooth’s blood supply. When these canals become infected, the canals lose their blood supply and are filled with bacteria and bugs. These bacteria multiply and cause inflammation within the enclosed canals. As the enclosed space cannot expand, the pressure builds up causing pulsating pain.

If the bacteria build up dramatically, some may escape the canals of the tooth and start to drain away. This sometimes leads to a visible abscess or gum boil on the gum at the root of the affected tooth.


Root canal treatment steps Root canal treatment is when the bacterial in the canals are thoroughly cleaned out and filled to prevent bacterial re-entry.

Root canal generally involves 4 stages:
  • 1The tooth will be gently numbed up with local anaesthetic and a small hole will be made in the tooth to gain access to the root canals.
  • 2The root canals are then gradually cleaned and shaped by the use of files and thoroughly cleaned by disinfectant.
  • 3The last stage of root canal treatment would be to fill these canals. This is done by a natural resin called Gutta Percha (GP) and ensures that the canals are sealed and not reinvaded by bacteria.
  • 4Once the tooth has successfully been root treated, we place a crown to help strengthen the tooth. The crown will also have the benefit of sealing the tooth as well.
Root Canal Treatment Sutton - Tooth process chart2 You will be able to ask questions and receive answers, allowing you to choose the best solution for your own personal goals, situation, and budget.

Often the reason for carrying out root canal treatment is because there is very little tooth tissue.

After carrying out successful root treatments, the tooth may require a post, core and a crown. The post and core build a great foundation for the crown to be seated on when there is too little remaining supportive tooth structure.

Without a post and core placed on the tooth, there may not be enough tooth to place your crown.

What are the main benefits?

Previous to the discovery of root canal treatment, dentists had no other option but to remove the tooth. Nowadays often the tooth can be saved with having RCT.

Without a RCT you may get an abscess and severe pain from the tooth.

With RCT, you are able to still keep your own tooth!

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Root canal therapy from an experienced dentist
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