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To inject some new life into your smile, our teeth whitening treatments are a simple but effective method to give you clear results. Our experts make the process simple for you, giving your teeth an initial assessment before providing you with everything you need to see a dramatic difference in the space of a few weeks. The dental professionals that we have at our disposal have seen stained teeth from a variety of different causes and have recommended this treatment to make a real difference to the teeth of our clients. You may be daunted by the prospect of going through the process, but we make it easy for you by carrying out a scan then providing you with your home whitening kit so that you can get started. Our clients have been surprised at the speed with which they see results, so you can expect this to make a difference to you in no time. From Hilliers Lane in Beddington to Sanderstead Road in South Croydon, we have provided our services to residents all over Croydon to reinvigorate their smiles, and you could be next to benefit.

What is the teeth whitening process for you in Croydon?

Once you have decided to proceed with tooth whitening treatment in Croydon, we will check the suitability of your teeth and follow multiple steps to achieve your desired results:

1 We possess the latest technology, so can take a digital scan of your teeth to create custom whitening trays that will fit to your teeth with complete accuracy.

2 Numerous photos are taken to establish the starting colour of your teeth, and where they should be by the end of the process.

3 You will have your bleaching trays fitted by us first so that we can be sure they are secure in your mouth, and they will be effective at whitening your teeth.

4 Our professionals talk you through how home teeth whitening works, using the bleaching gel and how to correctly load up the trays each night so that you see the best results.

5 You should place a small amount of gel on your trays and wear them every night, with results expected to be seen after just a few days.

6 As soon as your teeth have reached a shade of white that you are happy with, you are free to stop wearing them and show off the results of the process with your newfound smile.

How can you benefit from teeth whitening in Croydon?

Many of our Croydon clients opt for teeth whitening to boost their confidence and give their smile a fresh new look, and this treatment can make a real difference if you:

  • Feel self-conscious about the colour of your teeth.
  • Currently smoke or are a former smoker.
  • Have noticed your teeth become less white over time or stained from general eating and drinking.
  • Frequently consume tea, coffee, red wine, or other common causes of teeth yellowing and staining.

There is no damage caused throughout the process, other than the sensitivity you may feel as the whitening gel is taking effect. This won’t be noticeable as soon as it is over. Our teeth whitening kits allow you to minimise any discomfort you may be feeling.

How long is the teeth whitening process in Croydon?

You may think that it will be a tedious process to get your teeth back to the condition that they once were, but this is far from the truth! Once we have scanned your teeth to create trays that fit perfectly around them, you can get started on your journey to the smile you have hoped for. You should expect the process to last from 1 – 3 weeks depending on the level of whiteness you are trying to achieve. It is important to allow this time for the bleach to take effect each night and work as it is intended. Night-time bleaching has proven to be the most effective treatment for whiter teeth, so our Croydon dental practice can provide this service for the best possible results.

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Why choose us for teeth whitening in Croydon?

  • Quick – From the moment you contact us for teeth whitening, we guarantee it will be a quick process to have your teeth glowing white once again. Our scanning technology means we can speedily create the whitening trays and the bleaching procedure should be completed with the space of one to three weeks.
  • Easy – There is no inconvenience caused during whitening and it is a completely hassle-free process. All that is required is for you to wear your trays over your teeth at night for the bleach to take effect and restore your white teeth.
  • Pain Free – During teeth whitening, you will not feel any sort of pain or discomfort caused by the bleach or trays. The only noticeable side effect is increased sensitivity which our experts will help you to deal with.
  • Cost Effective – One of the reasons that teeth whitening is one of our most popular treatments is due to the fact that it is reasonably priced. With prices starting from £350, you will be blown away by the results.

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