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Tooth Whitening

Many of our patients take up teeth whitening because this treatment is one of the fastest, most affordable ways to makeover the smile.

Teeth are naturally some shade of white. Not everyone has a "snow white" smile, but the color of your teeth should harmonize with your complexion. Over time, tiny molecules from food and drinks, tobacco and even from certain types of mouthwash build up in the pores of enamel. That's right! Enamel has pores just like your skin!

This type of external staining can fortunately be resolved with the controlled application of the right chemical agent. Teeth whitening may be performed after a thorough cleaning in which enamel is also polished to remove surface stains.

The teeth whitening procedure

Tooth Whitening Sutton - Teeth whitening procedure Every person has particular needs when it comes to managing the appearance of their smile. We offer two ways to remove set-in stains from teeth: Home Bleaching and In-Surgery treatment.

Home Bleaching is convenient and affordable. This treatment is done on a daily basis in your home, on your schedule. From impressions of your teeth, we make a custom-fit tray from medical-grade plastic. To lighten the color of teeth, all you need to do is put a small dab of professional-grade bleach in your trays before you insert them. Trays can be worn overnight, maximizing the effect of the bleach. Using the Home Bleaching method, you will see gradual lightening over the course of about two weeks. After this, you can maintain your desired brightness with touch-up treatments.

In-Surgery Bleaching uses the same basic method but applies a stronger concentration of bleach to the teeth. The jelly is applied to trays in our office and we insert the trays over your teeth. You will wear them for about twenty minutes before we check the results. This treatment may be repeated two to three times to achieve more dramatic whitening. If teeth are quite dark, we may combine In-Surgery Bleaching with Home Bleaching for the best results.

Safe, effective teeth whitening for our carshalton patients

Teeth whitening involves controlled application of dental bleach, which is a precise formulation of hydrogen peroxide. According to EU law, this procedure can only be performed by a registered dentist. All of the dentists at Sensational Smile are registered with the General Dental Council. We have all completed the necessary training for teeth whitening and we carry appropriate insurance.

More on discolouration

Tooth Whitening Sutton - Teeth before and after Not all stains live on or just below the surface of enamel. Internal stains are those that come from an injury or reaction inside of the tooth. Some people develop stains from a genetic condition or illness. In other instances, internal stains are caused by medication. Whatever the reason, we take special care to identify internal stains because these cannot be treated with teeth whitening. If you have internal staining, your best course of action may be to improve your smile with porcelain veneers.

Teeth whitening are a safe, effective procedure that places very little stress on tooth enamel. The process presents about as much effect as a single can of diet soda.

The primary side effect that may occur with teeth whitening is sensitivity. If you already have sensitive teeth, discuss options for desensitization with your dentist. Sensitivity from bleaching is only temporary, but we do all that we can to ensure your comfort.

How long do results last?

Tooth Whitening Sutton - Coffee, Wine and Cigarette Results from professional teeth whitening can last up to two years, but this all depends on your daily habits. If you smoke or drink coffee, tea, or red wine on a regular basis, your teeth will become discolored more quickly. It is easy to keep your smile looking its best with top-up treatments performed either in our office or at home every six to twelve months.

Cost of treatment

Our Dentist’s charge £295 for At-Home Bleaching and £595 for In-Surgery Bleaching. Our prices include a brief examination to ensure your mouth is healthy enough for bleaching.

Call us today on 020 8629 1433 for a free telephone consultation. Please note we will ask you about your medical history to ensure that you are suitable for treatment.

Teeth whitening are an affordable, convenient way to maintain a youthful look. Schedule your treatment at Sensational Smiles in Carshalton. 020 8629 1433.

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