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Teeth Whitening

Do you dream of a cleaner, fresher, brighter smile?

Teeth whitening at our Sutton dental clinic may be the option or you

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Teeth whitening is done to lighten the shade of your teeth. The teeth whitening procedure involves placing high quality dental bleach closely to teeth and letting it work. We need 4 things to ensure we get amazing results:

High Quality Bleaching Trays

The idea of the whitening dental trays is simple – they hold the bleach closely to your teeth and allow the bleach to do its magic. The important aspect in the trays working properly is ensuring the seal around the tray is good. If the seal is poor, saliva will leak through and start diluting the bleach or worse, washing it away.

So…don’t just use any tray – use the BEST, as this is the most important aspect of the procedure. The way we get our whitening teeth trays to fit properly is simple – we use digital impressions. These are a lot more accurate for a number of reasons:

Air Bubbles

When you take a traditional impression, you always get air bubbles in the impression material, and these areas are potential points where you can get leakage. You don’t get bubbles with digital scans.

More Accurate

The accuracy of digital impressions. is much better than traditional alginate impressions.

No Yucky Impressions

The digital scan is the most comfortable way to take an impression. All our patients love having the scan and don’t miss a mouth full of impression material when having their moulds done.


The traditional impressions need to be cast up in dental plaster straight away, and this is not realistic. They normally get posted or delivered to the laboratory, and this takes a few hours or even a day. In this time, the impression will become distorted.

Shrinkage of the plaster

At every stage of the traditional techniques, you will get inaccuracies. When the impression material sets, there is some shrinkage. When the plaster is used to cast up the model, this will expand slightly. After you add factors these up, it’s no surprise that the bleaching trays don’t fit as well. With the digital scans, you don’t get any of this!

Good Quality Bleach

If you want predictable, comfortable results, then it is important to use the best material. You wouldn’t use cheap non-brand toothpaste, so why use cheap bleach!

Also, it is not just the actual product, it’s the way you handle it as well. The thing you have to always remember about bleach is that the moment it’s made, it starts break down. This is called dissociation, and it’s the same with the bleach you have at home. So…. when a brand advertises that it’s 16 percent bleach – if its old and has been handled poorly, it might be more like a 5 percent. So, what extra precautions do we use at Sensational Smiles to get it right?

1 We always buy fresh bleach. We don’t order large quantities (like some dentists do to get more of a discount) because we know that if it’s been sitting on a shelf for five months, it’s not fresh.
2 Bleach needs to be kept cool. The colder it is, the slower it breaks down. So, we pick the right suppliers who keep it refrigerated when they buy it and even deliver it refrigerated in a specific time slot so we know that when we get it, it goes straight into the fridge.
It’s funny to see how other practices do it – they order from cheap suppliers, who don’t keep it cool, then deliver it and it gets left in reception at the dental practice for half the day until someone opens it and then someone decides to put it in the fridge. Then they wonder why their results are not as good!
3 Make sure the actual bleach is good. We use two main brands
Enlighten Smiles -
Boutique Teeth Whitening -

Teeth whitening treatment time

You need around 1-3 weeks depending on how white you want your teeth to get. If you want a fast result, it’s not possible. You hear about these offers that claim they can whiten your teeth in one hour. These should be avoided, as the materials they use can be very harmful and can cause a lot of side effects. If they don’t use bleach, then the procedure won’t work. Also, the quicker the teeth lighten, then quicker they will go back. For best result, we encourage you to whiten your teeth properly using night time bleaching, which is what we do at Sensational Smiles.

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