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Do you have a tooth or teeth that you would like to change? Whether your concern is a gap, chip, crack or some other flaw, we can craft a customized porcelain veneer to bring out the best in your smile.

What are veneers?

Veneers Sutton - Happy man and woman A veneer is a cosmetic covering adhered to a surface. A dental veneer improves the appearance of a tooth or teeth. We design veneers to be made from high-quality porcelain material because this achieves the most natural appearance. Porcelain reflects light beautifully and also appears slightly see-through, or transparent, just like your natural teeth.

This conservative treatment can improve the shape or color of a tooth, make a tooth appear longer, and can also be used to give the appearance of alignment when a tooth is slightly turned. Because veneers are very thin, we must remove only a small amount of surface enamel to achieve the desired outcome. Once veneers are made in the dental lab, we cement them onto the tooth or teeth you want to change. Our method of bonding creates long lasting results, letting you enjoy a glossy, celebrity smile for several years.

We take great care to craft veneers that meet your specifications so you get the exact look you want.

Achieve your perfect smile without drilling

Veneers Sutton - Happy woman

At Sensational Smile, we use the very latest technology. In many cases, we are able to complete a smile makeover with beautiful veneers without having to drill your teeth!

Some of the advantages of drill-less veneer treatment include:

  • Conserve natural tooth structure
  • No sensitivity
  • No pain
  • Long lasting results

The veneer process

Veneers Sutton - Happy woman To get your new smile, we perform treatment over a few appointments.

Appointment 1

To achieve the results you want takes teamwork. During your first appointment for veneers, we discuss what you like and dislike about your smile as it is. We may view images together to identify characteristics that you would like to see in your new smile, like more rounded teeth or more even proportions. Moulds will be made of your teeth. These will be sent to the dental lab along with the detailed specifications we have come up with together, including color and other characteristics. A master ceramist will work from our model and specs to make a mock-up that matches your complexion and facial contouring.

Appointment 2

During your second appointment, we will focus on preparing your tooth or teeth for temporary veneers. This may involve reducing enamel a small amount so veneers will lie flush against the gums. If we can, we will place veneers without modifying the structure of your teeth. However, it is important to reduce bulk when necessary so your veneers do not feel uncomfortable or look fake. A second mould will be taken after preparation has been done. We then fill the space we created with temporary material customized to blend with surrounding teeth. This step allows you to try on your new smile for several days before we order your final veneers. If there are any changes you would like to see, we have time to make them.

Appointment 3

Your third visit will be scheduled about two weeks after we have applied temporary veneers. During this appointment, we can discuss any changes that you would like to make to your final restorations. We want to make sure you are completely happy with the outcome of your treatment! Once you have confirmed satisfaction with the details of your new smile, we will take the last mould and send it to the lab, where it will be used along with the model of your prepared teeth to create lifelike veneers.

Appointment 4

Your final veneers should be ready in about a week. At this time, you will come back to the office for placement. Before we cement veneers onto your teeth, we perform a thorough evaluation of fit, shape and colour to ensure your satisfaction. If you are not happy with any particular detail of your veneers, changes can be made. Once you have the look you want, we will cement your restorations into place.

Follow up

Well-fitting veneers that are taken care of can last up to ten years and even beyond. During your routine visits we will check the appearance of your veneers as well as your bite.

Porcelain dental veneers can disguise a number of flaws, from gaps to discoloration. Learn more when you call Sensational Smiles in Carshalton. 020 8629 1433.

Before and After images of our patients

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Veneers Sutton - Teeth before and after 2
Veneers Sutton - Teeth before and after 3

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