Can you spot the filling?

At Sensational Smiles we pride ourselves in doing dentistry in secret!
We aim for our cosmetic fillings to look as natural as possible. We want our patients to feel like they have a happier life with their new Sensational Smile rather than better because of their new crowns or veneers.

Can I replace my black amalgam fillings for white fillings?

Yes! A lot of patients like you are self-conscious of dark black fillings in the mouth. As these are not bonded to the tooth, there is also a chance the fillings can become ditched and leak, allowing bacteria to seep through and can cause tooth decay under the filling.

In a single appointment you can change your black fillings for natural looking white fillings, which blend with your own tooth and are bonded to your tooth.

How many colours are there in a natural tooth?

There are a bountiful amount of colours contained in a natural tooth and the best way to replace tooth tissue is to mimic nature as close as possible. That’s why we spend time building up the tooth with beautiful, natural looking filling materials.

At our clinic we use the very latest technology, which enables us to achieve the best result for you.

What is the process of placing white fillings?

Initially the area is usually numbed up. Once you are comfortable and fully numb, the decay and old filling are removed. For small fillings, an anesthetic is not always required. The tooth is then gently cleaned to ensure no decay is left. A ring is sometimes used around the tooth whilst placing the filling material.

To try and mimic nature, we use more than one colour of filling material to replicate the cavity caused by dental tooth decay.

We use a shade guide to help us with choosing the right colours to match your exact tooth colour. Usually we use between 2 to 5 shades depending on each individual.

What is a composite restoration?

A composite restoration is a type of natural white filling material that is often used on front teeth and on back teeth. As it bonds to the tooth, the amount of tooth removal is minimal and for those people who are cosmetically aware of changes in the mouth, a cosmetic composite filling is the closest thing to nature.

Benefits of composite?

Often after you have had a composite filling placed, you will not be able to notice a difference in colour or shape to your natural teeth. You are also able to eat and use the tooth straightaway after the treatment is carried out.
Dental fillings are routine, but that doesn’t mean you should lose your natural beauty! Call Sensational Smiles about tooth-coloured fillings. 020 8629 1433.


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