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Restore Your Smile

At Sensational Smiles in Sutton, we take aesthetics to a high level.


Our cosmetic dentists have trained with some of the top dentists in the USA and UK to achieve a level of knowledge that is suited to achieving your ideal results.

There are many different ways to improve the appearance of your teeth, which range from simple cost-effective measures to more complex procedures. Some of the cosmetic dental services we offer to improve your smile include:

Tooth Whitening

restore your smile whitening brestore your smile whitening a

It’s remarkable just how easy it is to improve the appearance of your teeth with simple whitening. For someone who just wants a slight improvement, this may be the option for you. Click here for more information.



restore your smile bonding brestore your smile bonding a

Nowadays, the quality of composite restorations is incredible. They can seamlessly blend into tooth structure, making them appear lifelike and natural. They are often a very quick, easy, and cost-effective way to make minor changes to improve cosmetics. Click below to see some of the transformations we can achieve with simple bonding techniques.



restore your smile veneers brestore your smile veneers a

Veneers are thin, beautifully hand-crafted pieces of porcelain that we can use to improve the cosmetics of your teeth. They can be used to improve the colour, shapes, and alignment of your teeth, so a variety of cosmetic concerns can be addressed.



restore your smile crowns brestore your smile crowns a

Crowns are like veneers – they are thin hand-crafted pieces of porcelain that can be used for the same reasons. Veneers will generally cover the front smiling surfaces of your teeth, whereas crowns cover the whole tooth. They will have more longevity; however, they may require more tooth to be filed down. This choice will depend upon many different factors, and your dentist will discuss the pros and cons for each one before a decision is reached.


What’s the process?

The first step involves coming into our cosmetic dental clinic for a comprehensive assessment.

1 First, we will listen to your wishes carefully and assess if it is possible to reach your desired result.

2 Then, we will check all your teeth, gums and the soft tissues of your mouth. We will take any necessary x-rays, photographs and scans of your teeth to help us to plan your case thoroughly.

3 We will then sit down with you to discuss what options are available along with the associated pros, cons, and costs. These may range from very simple measures to more complex ones. Once we have come to a decision together, a written treatment plan will be sent to you and you will be allowed time to think about which option is the right one for you. The next step depends on how complex the treatment is. For simple cases, we can start right away.

4 For more complex cases, we always aim to test the cosmetics and the bite by providing you with high quality temporaries. Once we are happy with what we have achieved, we can ask the laboratory to copy the shapes and sizes of the teeth and they will hand-craft life-like restorations. The next visit is then scheduled to test the fit. At the first visit, we would carefully check the fit, cosmetics, and bite. We are very particular here at Sensational Smiles and pay close attention to detail, so if anything about your cosmetic dental treatment is not 100 percent, we would send it back to the laboratory to be improved.


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