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Nervous Patients

Dentist in Sutton, Carshalton, offers top tips for treating nervous dental patients


Dr. Suril Amin of Sensational Smiles in Sutton, Carshalton, is a dentist ready to help patients enjoy a positive experience at the dental office. This includes patients who are nervous and anxious about visiting the dental chair. It is common for patients of all ages to have dental anxieties, but a visit to the dentist doesn’t have to be scary. Our dentist offers top tips for treating patients with dental anxiety.

What can I do about my dental anxiety?

There are a few tips that our dentist can recommend in order to have a relaxing and positive visit.
  • Speak to your dentist openly and honestly. We see patients every day who have dental anxieties. However, if these anxieties keep you from getting necessary dental work completed, it will significantly impact your overall dental health and wellness. To maintain regular visits, many of our patients choose sedation. When patients explain their level of anxiety, our dentist can pick the sedation method most appropriate for that individual. Do not feel embarrassed about your dental fear. Open up with our team so we can help you!
  • Consider sedation options. There are many ways in which patients can be sedated in our practice. This includes laughing gas, oral conscious sedation, IV sedation, and general anesthetics. Each type of sedation has its advantages and disadvantages, so we welcome patients to ask about the sedation method appropriate for their level of need.
  • Understand that a pain-free visit is our goal. At Sensational Smiles, we want our patients to be comfortable before, during, and after their dental visit. We work hard to obtain this goal. When patients are honest about their dental anxieties, our team can better assist.

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What types of sedation can I choose from?

Many patients interested in sedation dentistry want to learn about the various levels of sedation that they can achieve. This may include any of the following:
  • Laughing gas – this inhaled gas, known as nitrous oxide, is best for mild to moderate anxieties. It is administered through the nose and provides almost immediate relaxation for most of our patients. It can be used on all ages and can be an effective method for many.
  • Oral conscious sedation – this method of sedation involves a prescription medication that is taken before arriving at the dental office. Patients arrange transportation and typically arrive feeling very relaxed and at ease. The procedure is performed, and patients are sent back home afterward to rest.
  • IV sedation – for patients with more severe anxieties, IV sedation may be recommended. Sedation is administered right into the veins to provide deep sedation that often causes patients to fall asleep.
  • General sedation – general anesthesia is the same type of sedation used for surgical treatments at a hospital. Patients fall into a deep sleep but are monitored throughout their procedure and given the appropriate doses of sedation to ensure they are asleep for the entire treatment. This type of sedation is best for severe anxieties, or for dental treatment that needs to be performed on young children.

Is sedation dentistry safe?

At Sensational Smiles, we are committed to ensuring all procedures performed at our practice are safe and comfortable for our patients. We know that taking a sedative may make patients uneasy about the safety and effectiveness of their chosen method. We encourage patients to ask our dentist questions about the sedation method of their choice, so they are comfortable knowing they are in good hands. By educating a patient on sedation dentistry, many feel more at ease with moving forward with necessary dental treatments.

Who is a candidate for sedation dentistry?

We evaluate each patient before providing a recommendation for sedation. Patients should discuss their past medical history to determine if any conditions may impact their ability to undergo certain sedatives. This medical history should include information about one’s history of diabetes, respiratory issues, or cardiac health.

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