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Are your crooked teeth leading you to a lack of confidence in your smile? With the help of our orthodontists at our Croydon dental practice, we can deliver a solution that reverts your smile back to one you can feel proud of. From Chichester Road to Parsons Mead, we have partnered our Croydon patients with custom solutions that work to reposition their teeth in a comfortable and pain-free way. From Invisalign aligners to cosmetic fixed braces, we have the dental care options for every mouth.

The orthodontic treatments we provide in Croydon

Our Croydon orthodontic practice provides custom solutions that work to perfect the formation of your smile. These include fixed metal braces and transparent Invisalign aligners. Both approaches deliver a seamlessly sensational smile with their own unique benefits such as speed and discretion.

  • Fixed braces – A tried and tested form of teeth straightening which has been used for a wealth of years. Metal wires are fixed to brackets on each tooth and get tightened with every session to align your teeth further.
  • Invisalign – A discreet form of teeth straightening where a set of transparent aligners are moulded to your smile and updated with every session, working to straighten it further. Their ease allows them to be removed simply when eating and drinking.

To find out which method of teeth straightening would be best suited to you, get in touch with our team.

Arrange for an initial consultation with our Orthodontist

Our team of orthodontists provide free initial consultations for every smile. To find out more about your options, get in touch – we will be delighted to help you. Give us a call on 020 8629 1433 or fill out our contact form.

The benefits of our orthodontic treatments in Croydon

Our highly trained Orthodontists provide teeth straightening solutions with multiple benefits, no matter the approach taken. These include:

  • Achieving a straight and even smile with long-lasting results.
  • Attaining the simple and painless correction of your jaw and any problems with your bite, preventing cross bites and overbites, as well as grinding teeth.
  • Improved oral hygiene, where teeth are in the correct place and can be cleaned correctly and effectively.
  • Achieving a boost in confidence and sharing pride in your smile across all social situations.

Our straightened smile gallery

Our dental team have successfully straightened thousands of smiles throughout Croydon. Take a look at what we could achieve for you.

orthodontics before3orthodontics after3
orthodontics before1orthodontics after1
invisalign before2invisalign after2
invisalign beforeinvisalign after
invisalign before1invisalign after1
invisalign before3invisalign after3
orthodontics before2orthodontics after2

What tooth problems can our orthodontic treatments resolve?

Our Orthodontists can restore a smile for you to be proud of, no matter the condition of your teeth. Providing a tailored method of tooth alignment, we can reverse the signs of many issues, such as:

Overcrowded teeth

This occurs when a lack of space across your jaw leads to a shortage of room for your teeth to fit, causing them to overlap or become crooked.

Widely spaced teeth

Differing to overcrowding, this can occur when there is excess space across your jaw, allowing your teeth to grow in a way that leaves gaps between each tooth.

Cross bite

A cross bite occurs when your upper and lower jaw are not aligned correctly, causing the upper teeth to rest behind the lower.


Overbites occur in mouths where the alignment of the jaw leads to the upper teeth overhanging the lower, leaving a spacious gap between both.

Why choose us for your orthodontic treatment in Croydon

At Sensational Smiles, we have successfully perfected hundreds of smiles throughout Croydon. Our orthodontic team excel in carrying out dentistry that is designed around every need. No two smiles are the same, and so we partner our unrivalled knowledge with our advanced techniques to deliver a custom approach for the comfortable realignment of every smile.

With our personalised approaches, perfecting your smile has never been easier. We construct an approach that works for everyone throughout Croydon, from free virtual and face-to-face consultations to varying aligning methods. We can partner you with the brace of your choice, whilst also recommending the best fit for your smile requirements. Every part of your orthodontic plan will be uniquely tailored to you.

Throughout every aspect of your transformation, we take pride in delivering the best. From our personalised approaches to our safety and sterilization protocols, we commit our expertise and inject our knowledge into the treatment of every patient, providing outstanding, long-lasting results with an added boost of confidence.

The process of transforming your smile doesn’t end at the completion of your orthodontic treatment. Why not compliment your newly aligned smile with a natural lift in colour thanks to our teeth whitening treatment or pay a visit to our hygienist to receive a deep clean and leave feeling fresher than ever before.

Contact our dental practice in Croydon and regain confidence in your smile

Achieving your dream smile in Croydon is as simple as getting in touch with our team. Simply give us a call on 020 8629 1433, fill out our contact form or request a free virtual consultation. Take that step towards a more confident smile.

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