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Choosing a dentist that is local to you is obviously convenient, but it shouldn’t be the only factor you consider when choosing who your dentist is going to be. Visiting the dentist should be something you do on a regular basis throughout your entire life so, it’s worth finding one that not only possesses the skills and experience needed to perform the treatments you need, but also has the care, time and patience to put you at ease while undergoing them. Here are our tips of choosing a dentist that is right for you, ensuring you leave those six-monthly check-ups smiling.

Check out their credentials

It is always important to check that people are who they say they are. Dentists are no different. All dental professionals in the UK need to be registered with the General Dental Council in order to operate legally. This includes dentists, dental nurses, hygienists and technicians. Make sure you do your research before you register with a dentist and definitely do it before you receive any treatment. Simply head over to the General Dental Council (GDC) website, where you can search for all dental professionals on the current GDC database.

We proudly display our credentials within our practice and on our website. Plus, every member of the Sensational Smiles team displays their own qualifications, experience, skills and continuing professional development on our dedicated webpage too for all to see.

Recommendations from trusted sources

Word of mouth recommendations are powerful trust magnets. Hearing directly from patients that have already undergone treatment with your chosen dental professional is extremely reassuring. To hear you are putting your oral health in competent, professional hands, by someone you know well is the ultimate recommendation. However, make sure you always check things out for yourself too and don’t base your entire decision purely on what a family member or friend has told you. They may only have experience going for check-ups for example, rather than a more complex procedure that you might be in need of.

Another good way of gaining confidence with your decision is by looking at third party. When a third party is looking after a company’s reviews, you can rest assured that they are truthful and unbiased. A 5-star score next to the company name really makes you feel like you can trust the practice. Don’t forget to check out their Google reviews and social media channels too. Well-engaged social posts are a good sign that the practice is listening and interacting well with its patients.

Here at Sensational Smiles, our reviews are controlled by Trustindex. We display a selection of the reviews that are collected and controlled by Trustindex on our website to help reassure customers that we are genuine and unbiased.

Dental services and range of skills offered

The type of dentist you need is also a key component, more so if you possess a very specific set of dental requirements which a general dental practice may be unable to cope with. For example, if your oral health is important to you, you may be looking for a dentist that has a good approach to preventative dentistry and an experienced periodontist on site. Maybe restorative dentistry is more appropriate for you, or you are particularly nervous about visiting the dentist and are keen to find a practice that has a great approach to anxious patients. Familiarise yourself with the skill set offered by the practice in question and make sure their skills match your potential needs. Don’t be afraid to ask questions – what is their process for emergency dental work for example?

Our practice offers a multitude of treatment options to enhance the health and appearance of your smile including periodontal therapies, orthodontics, restorative dentistry, root canal treatments, sedation and emergency dentistry as well as routine dental cleaning and check-up examinations. Our team carries a wide range of skills and are all experts within their niche.

Location and cost

It might not be a priority but finding a dental practice which is conveniently located and close to your home or place of work does make it easier to visit and can be very useful during a dental emergency, and make sure the practice open hours are compatible to your schedule.

If you need to be careful with your budget, make sure your desired dentist matches your financial needs too, many dentists, like ours, offer a range of options to spread the cost into manageable monthly payments if needed, so don’t be afraid to ask about treatment costs.

Finally, pay the practice a visit in person. Talk to the staff, view their behaviour and professionalism, check out the facilities, cleanliness and décor, and just try and get a good feel for the place. It’s important to feel comfortable and at ease and you can only really check this for yourself in the flesh. Book a consultation with a dentist at the practice to discuss your specific needs and how these can be best met. It is best to check the availability of the dentists in advance to make sure the individuals you need to see are available.

We love meeting new patients, so if you would like to request a consultation with one of our team, we will happily oblige.