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Will Enamel Grow Back

While the majority of body tissue is living and growing organisms, the tooth enamel however is not. Subsequently it cannot grow back or even regenerated with the available dental technology in this day and age. If there is any claim of regrowth of enamel, it is simply untrue. Knowing the impossibility of regaining enamel, we should all work our very best to prevent any damage or loss to enamel or teeth.

How Enamel is Damaged

Although enamel is the hardest element in our bodies, it can be damaged by the following situations:

  • Erosion
  • Abrasion
  • Teeth Grinding (Bruxism)
  • Chemical
  • Accident
  • Tooth decay

Identifying the cause of enamel loss could help us finding ways to avoid the occurrence of the problem. The followings are the accounts of the problems and possible solutions.


Erosion is the irreversible loss of enamel caused by acidic diet. Acidic foods and drinks create an acidic oral environment which cause the loss of mineral content of the teeth. Consistent and frequent consumption of acidic food and drink will cause the loss of the surface (enamel) of teeth. People with a medical condition called Bulimia may suffer from enamel erosion too, as there is a high level of acid in the vomits.


Abrasion is the loss of enamel caused by physical wear and tear, with forceful brushing being the most common cause. Therefore, always look for soft bristle when choosing a toothbrush.

Teeth Grinding (Bruxism)

People often grind their teeth as a result of stress or anxiety, it can happen when you are awake or during sleep. Other than causing pain in the neck and face, it can also wear down enamel significantly. A mouth guard wearing at night could effectively ease the condition and protect teeth from being worn away.


Wrong use of chemical such as teeth whitening agent or a poorly fitted whitening tray can cause enamel loss, tooth sensitivity or gum irritation. Therefore, it’s always a sensible way to consult your dentist before applying any chemical to the teeth surface.


Cracked tooth will not be mended naturally, neither do Chipped or Broken tooth. The lost portion of teeth will not grow back by itself, the only solution is to seek dental advice and treatment from a trained dental professional.

Tooth decay

Consistent loss of minerals from tooth surface due to a sugary and frequent diet will end up with cavity formation. Once a cavity is formed, there is no way that enamel will grow back, and tooth can reverse back to its original shape. This is why regular dental examination is important, your dentist can identify any early teeth and gum problems and have them treated in an early stage, which is often less complicated and lower in cost.