Teeth straighteningHow to Clean Your Teeth with Braces

Within this blog we will be covering all the key points to know about how to clean your teeth with braces. This includes employing the correct brushing technique, using interdental brushes, and flossing effectively

Correct Brushing Technique and interdental brushes

Extra time and effort will be needed when brushing your teeth with braces on, as to avoid causing gum problems and tooth decay. You should brush after at least 1 hour after every meal and before bed at night. The key steps to brushing correctly have been outlined below:

  • Use toothpaste that contain Fluoride
  • Hold the brush at a 45-degree angle to gums, ensuring the bristles are pointing towards the gums and brush gently
  • Brush above the brace, on the brace and under the brace
  • Brush other sites as well, like chewing and inner surfaces
  • Use interdental brush to clean in between the braces, but remember to point the brush away from the gum when using, as to avoid hurting gum accidentally
  • Facing a mirror when brushing your teeth with braces on, this is to ensure correct technique is used

Flossing Effectively

Flossing can be difficult with braces, mainly due to the arch wire which prevents you being able to floss the whole tooth. However with a special tool known as the floss threader, the task can be much simpler, and you are able to reach the difficult to clean areas. While you do need to brush your teeth multiple times a day, flossing only needs to be done once in order to deal with the bacteria in between teeth. The key steps on how to floss effectively with a floss threader are detailed below.

  1. Take out around 1.5 feet (45cm) of floss thread
  2. Put the floss through the floss threader loop
  3. Slide the threader in between the space between your braces arch wire and your teeth
  4. Pull the threader until the floss is behind the arch wire
  5. Using an up and down motion you should floss your teeth all the way to the gums
  6. Pull on the threader to remove the floss and then repeat this procedure for every tooth

A comprehensive care of the teeth and gum condition during the period of having braces is essential, other than the daily maintenance of using toothbrush, interdental brush and floss, regular dental visit is also necessary, as to monitor the progress of orthodontic treatment as well as the health of teeth and gum.