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Visiting a dental hygienist plays a vital role in maintaining good oral health.  Your hygienist is a dental care professional dedicated to preventing oral disease such as gum disease and tooth decay/tooth loss.  As with everything in life, prevention is always better than cure, and oral health is no different.  Taking the time out to visit your hygienist regularly will not only stave off gum disease and the associated nasties that come with it (such as tooth loss, heart disease and respiratory problems), it will also save you time, suffering and a dent in your wallet trying to treat them.

Here at Sensational Smiles, we charge the following for an appointment with our professional hygienist:

  • The first visit is charged at £90 and includes a 45minute session. This will allow us to give detailed advice and still have time for a decent amount of cleaning.
  • Routine appointments are charged at £65 per 30minute session.
  • Deep cleaning, which is required in advanced gum disease, is charged at £180/hour.

So, what is included exactly?
When you first arrive for your appointment, your hygienist will begin by reviewing your medical history which is integral for ensuring safe care.  This will include discussing any medical conditions you may have or any prescribed medications you may be taking that could have an effect on the care you receive.  The hygienist will also enquire about your habits, including your smoking status and alcohol consumption that also have an affect on the health of your teeth and gums.  They will also chat with you about your dental history, your current oral hygiene regime (flossing/teeth cleaning etc) and any concerns you may have with your teeth and gums.

Next, your hygienist will assess your head and neck area, your teeth and soft tissues within your mouth.  They will assess the current health of your gums and discuss their findings with you.  From there, treatment options will be discussed and agreed.

A typical treatment tends to include:

  • Scaling of your teeth and root surface debridement (the removal of plaque or tartar build- up in the areas brushing cannot reach such as the root surface).
  • A clean and polish to remove any superficial stains on your teeth (perfect for all you coffee drinkers!). Sometimes, a good clean can even prevent the need to whiten your teeth!
  • We use Airflow technology whenever needed, which is pretty much every appointment and is included at no additional charge. Most dental practices will charge an additional fee, but we want the best for our patients so there is no extra fee with us. What is Airflow I hear you ask?  It is a brightening technique which gently cleans and polishes the teeth using non-abrasive technology.  It removes plaque, stains and discolouration using a combination of water, compressed air and fine powder particles.  The innovative spray can access all those hard-to-reach areas that traditional scaling cannot.  It effectively removes the damaging biofilm that develops when dental plaque is colonised by bacteria but leave the surface of your teeth intact and is safe to use on both adults and children alike.
  • Tailored advice on how to maintain good dental health going forward.

A good hygienist will always ensure you leave your appointment knowing exactly how you can tailor your day-to-day oral hygiene regime at home to maintain good oral health and keep plaque under control.  If you need it, your hygienist will advise you on toothbrushing techniques and flossing techniques/use of interdental brushes.  Plus, they will also provide advice about diet, reducing smoking and tooth decay prevention.

Finally, based on your bespoke oral health, your hygienist will determine an appropriate schedule for your on-going care and follow up on any issues raised in the appointment.  They are particular experts in spotting signs of gum disease and will refer you to a dentist or periodontist if they see anything they think requires further treatment.
Our hygienist always works alongside a dental nurse which means cleaning is a lot more efficient. The nurse will also be able to assist in the decontamination of the room at the end of each appointment therefore this means we have MORE TIME to spend with you at your appointment.

Our hygienist Natasha has produced some fantastic results over the years she has been with us.  Call us now to start your preventative journey with us 020 8629 1433.