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There are many reasons for replacing old dental crowns. This article discusses some of the main reasons patients often choose to do so:

  1. Poor cosmetics.
  2. Shrinking gums.
  3. Chipped porcelain.
  4. Utilise the tooth to support a new bridge.

By far the most frequent reason we replace crowns here at Sensational Smiles is due to poor cosmetics and this is often because they were not done right in the first place.  The main cosmetic concerns are to do with the shape and colour.

The second most common reason is due to shrinking gums.  Throughout our life, our gums shrink, and you can end up seeing a black margin where the crown sits.  This is unsightly and the best way to correct it is to replace the crown with a new one.  The reason the margin is black is because of the design of the traditional old type of crowns used by dentists.  Traditionally, ceramic was not strong enough, so we used to make the internal surface of the crown using metal and then overlay it with porcelain.  This looked ok but nothing like a real tooth would.  If you look closely at the anatomy of a real tooth, you can see it as some translucent properties where light shines through it nicely.  If you compare this to traditional metal-ceramic crowns, this does not happen, and the crowns often look opaque.

With advances in materials, we can now make crowns that are far superior and match perfectly with natural teeth.  Most of the crowns we use nowadays are metal free and fully ceramic.

Should old crowns be replaced?

If there is something wrong with the crown like poor aesthetics or it is leaking, then you should seriously consider replacing them. There is no need to suffer with an unattractive crown or one that disrupts the balance of the bite.

The procedure involves gently removing the old crown, adjusting the tooth so that the margin finishes lower down, below the gum line. Then new impressions are taken. A temporary dental crown is placed, whilst the skilled dental technician makes a beautiful new crown. At the next visit, the new crown is checked carefully to ensure it fits and looks good. You can then celebrate your brand-new smile!

If you have old crowns that need replacing, call Sensational Smiles today on 020 8643 5365 to book an appointment.


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