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Reduce the frequency of sugar consumption.

Its more important to reduce the frequency of sugar consumption rather than the actual amount. Every time you have something sugary to eat or drink, you get a decaying attack on your teeth. This attack lasts for about 30mins and it’s the time it take for your saliva to wash away the sugar on your teeth. The more of these attacks you have, the more decay you get. So rather can eating a chocolate bar throughout the day, it is far better to binge and have it all at once as you get one decaying attack rather than multiple ones!

Avoid hidden sugars

There are lots of sugars in food that we don’t realise. Eg, fruits, dried fruits, squash, fresh juice, ketchup etc etc.

Brush your teeth twice daily with fluoride toothpaste

It’s good to brush your teeth at least twice a day as this will remove plaque and will also help to prevent tooth decay through the actions of fluoride.

Use mouth wash at a different time to tooth brushing

It’s always best to use a mouth at a completely different time to tooth brushing. If you use it at the same time as tooth brushing you get one application of fluoride as opposed to two. Applications if you use it at a different time.

Don’t rinse your mouth with water after you have brushed your teeth

Rinsing your mouth with water after brushing your teeth will remove the fluoride from the Toothpaste. It’s far better to try and leave the fluoride on your teeth for a few minutes extra so.That it can really do it job.

See your dentist and hygienist regularly

This will save you from having bigger and more costly procedures as small problems will be noticed sooner.

If you have suffered from tooth decay in the past and have suffered tooth loss as a result, it is important to get your missing tooth replaced.


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