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Our experienced team of private dentists in Croydon can be relied upon for consistently high-quality treatments for all of our patients. Our state-of-the-art dental practice in Croydon possesses the latest dental technology and specialists in each area of dentistry to carefully work on your teeth and deliver a final result of perfection. From teeth whitening to orthodontics, our range of dental treatments mean that, regardless of the problem with your teeth, we will be able to offer you a suitable solution that restores your pride in your own smile. Depending on the condition and placement of your teeth, our dental experts will offer you their advice and support on which treatment will be most well suited to you. The friendly staff at our Croydon dental practices aim to make even the most nervous patient as comfortable as possible before, during and after your procedure. We have worked on the teeth of residents from Selsdon Road to Purley Way, and with good transportation links you can easily access our high-quality dental treatments.

What services do our private dentists in Croydon offer?

We carry out a wide range of dental procedures as private dentists in Croydon, so regardless of the problem with your teeth, our team of specialists can help. Our treatments cover:


If your teeth are misaligned or overcrowded, our orthodontic treatments slowly straighten your smile, with Invisalign aligners available for a more discreet option.


We can create custom teeth whitening trays that fit your mouth perfectly, with bleaching gel to reverse the staining of your teeth caused by daily activities such as drinking tea or coffee.


Our dental hygienist uses Airflow technology to effectively clean your teeth and gums, removing plaque that has built up and preventing gums from receding.

Restore your teeth

Our cosmetic dentistry offers treatments including dental implants and veneers to replace old worn-down teeth with shiny new ones that you can expect to last for years to come.

Root canal treatment

If you are suffering from severe tooth pain, it could be a sign of an infection caused by tooth decay. Our root canal treatment will remove the bacteria and restore the cavity in your tooth, fitting a crown if necessary to restore its appearance.

Straighten your teeth with our private dentists in Croydon

For teeth straightening services, we have a wide range of orthodontic treatments to choose from as your private dentist in Croydon. To effectively deal with gaps in your teeth, overcrowding or a large overbite, fixed braces are available as a tried and tested method to realign your teeth and straighten your smile. For a more unnoticeable approach, Invisalign could be the perfect option. These easily removable clear aligners are less disruptive in that you can simply take them out when eating and they are completely unnoticeable to others, having no impact on your everyday life. Our team of orthodontists can hold an initial consultation with you to discuss your options, and what would be the most suitable choice based on the current condition of your teeth. Once you have made your decision, we guide you through every step of the process so that you achieve the smile you have been hoping for.

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Our cosmetic dentistry services in Croydon

When it comes to cosmetic dentistry in Croydon, you have a large number of treatments to choose from to repair or replace old, damaged teeth. Depending on the current condition of your teeth, our cosmetic dentists can suggest a suitable treatment for you. Our cosmetic options include:

Dental crowns

If your tooth has worn away over time, our dental crowns are made from high quality porcelain in the shape of a cap that will sit on top of the tooth and protect it from further decay. It also has the appearance of a completely new tooth so will restore shine to your smile.


These hand-crafted porcelain veneers can be bonded to your teeth. Our experts ensure they fit flush against your gums so that they look as natural as possible, and no discomfort is caused once they have been fitted. You can expect your veneers to be long-lasting, preserving your smile for years to come.

Teeth whitening

Using teeth whitening dental trays, high-quality bleach is placed close to your teeth to gradually turn them many shades whiter. This treatment is effective at removing yellowing or staining caused by drinking tea, coffee, and wine, or smoking.

Deep cleaning

A trip to our hygienist can make a difference to not only the appearance of your teeth, but your overall oral health too. Airflow technology removes any plaque and tartar build-up, as well as being effective at cleaning away any stains on your teeth.

Why choose our private dentists in Croydon?

Our team of private dentists in Croydon are experts in their field. This means that regardless of the treatment you require from us, you can be sure that your teeth will be in safe hands. They will ensure maximum comfort for you throughout your procedure.

We have provided our team with the very latest dental technology to allow them to provide you with the best possible dental care. Equipment such as Airflow is particularly effective at deep cleaning. Our digital scanning and Clincheck technology help us produce the most accurate Invisalign aligners possible.

We treat each one of our clients with care by incorporating high-quality treatment at a relaxed dental practice to ensure you are as comfortable as possible. We take the time to talk you through the options available to you and our experts recommend the most suitable treatment for your teeth.

We never keep you waiting when it comes to your dental treatment, and make it hassle-free for you to get booked in. You can easily reach a member of our team to book yourself in at a time that suits, or even arrange a virtual consultation so that you will not need to come to us.

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